Staying informed is your
best defense against rising
prices and sub standard
   Understanding the needs of Florida’s homeowners and residents is something that too few
of America’s manufacturers have taken into consideration in recent years. From Winter
clothing lines in August, to wood windows that fall apart in Summer, all the way to tires that
explode under our weather conditions.  While not all of this is going to change immediately;
some of our manufacturers are sitting up and finally taking notice!
    Thanks to some very stringent and detailed regulations set forth by the State of Florida’s
building department, many of our local and regional window and door material manufacturers
have been forced to enhance their product designs to adhere to Florida’s unpredictable
weather patterns and high temperatures.  They answered these requirements with some
outstanding product lines.  These lines are designed to stand up to hurricane strength winds,
marginally reduce energy cost, and some lines even increase home security.  And yes, as
you probably expected the prices of these new fangled products was more than the average
household could afford.
   The problem with this is that Florida homeowners still need these items.  Over 72% of
Florida homes are still not able to withstand hurricane force winds. Recent estimates of what
a hurricane could actually do to our coastal homes and homes up to five miles inland are
catastrophic.  Even in the event of a near miss, which Florida is getting increasingly
lackadaisical about, how many homes will suffer total loss due to water damage from a
broken window, or a door that collapses under the pressurized winds? The building and
supply industry posed this very question to the State and the manufacturers.
  In response the State issued the My Safe Florida Homes programs which was a much
needed matching grant program enabling homeowners the chance to make some of these
necessary upgrades.  Currently there are 8 counties that have programs designed to help
homeowners perform the upgrades via 0- 3% differed payment loans, or matching grants.  
The state has raised the bar in this area in an effort to actually help the homeowners keep
there homesteads safe and secure.
 The manufacturers have tried to match this very bar.  Instead of raising their prices;
regardless of the new design code requirements, they have actually lowered their prices and
given distributors several options to help keep the prices low.  They have included Energy
Ratings that make homeowners eligible for rebates from their energy company and actually
save money on their monthly energy bills. All of this on top of the storm protection and home
security aspect of the window lines.
 Florida voices have finally been heard and the overall results have been very favorable for
homeowners.  Now is the time for Florida to take advantage of these offers and programs.  
For more information on any of these programs please give James C. Miller, Inc home of W.A.
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Old view points on windows:

-  Way too costly
-  Unattractive
-  No security from storms
-  More windows/ more energy

New products that allow us
to think outside the box:

product lines
-  New regulations insuring
-  Inexpensive ways to actually