Tool Box Suggestions: Homeowner Survival Kit: Basic
By Erik Forbes
Although this kit has only basic tools, you will be able to make most of the repairs homeowners are
likely to come across. Tool Use

Hammer  Since the stone age man has used this tool in one form or another and for good reason, it
is indispensable. A 16-ounce, curved-claw hammer will handle most tasks. Choose a drop-forged
steel head.
Screwdriver  Get one with changeable tips. With so many different kinds of fasteners, a screwdriver
that can adapt to all of them is a must.
3. Duct tape  Is this a tool or a material? Both! With a little imagination duct tape can be used for a
variety of temporary repairs.
Putty knife  Not just for putty but for scraping, light prying, mixing materials and any number of other
tasks. Use stiffer varieties for scraping and more flexible ones for applying putty, glazing and spackling.
Tape measure Measuring is a must for almost any project. A 12-foot length is good for most home
repairs and a 25-foot length is better for carpentry and plumbing.
Vise grips; Use this tool, sometimes called locking pliers, for grabbing all sorts of things very tightly.
It comes in handy for loosing nuts that won't budge.
7. Utility knife  It's better than a knife because the blades can be changed when dull. And it's safer to
Hack saw  This saw is good for cutting metal or a variety of other materials including plastic. Select a
variety of blades for a range of purposes.
9. Caulking gun  This tool is a must for dispensing caulk, glue and even tar for roof repairs.
Assorted fasteners  Repairs are all about putting things back together. A nice variety of nails,
screws, etc. organized in a box with dividers helps a lot.

How can you ready your home for a storm?

Windows and Doors (access/entry) are the most vulnerable areas in your home. It is vital that you
consider all of your options to protect your windows. Devises such as removable Storm panels in a
variety of material, Impact Windows( Which
My Safe Florida may reimburse portions of this expense)
and Permanent storm shutter systems.

Roofing is the 2nd area of your home that determines your readiness.  Florida has instituted new laws
that govern licensed contractors regarding reinforcement of roofing strength.  It is extremely important
that your contractor be aware and knowledgeable about these new regulations. These laws are
designed to improve your homes ability to with- stand a hurricane 3 times better than previous regs.

Garage Doors until recently were not designed to withstand hurricane force winds.  New legislation
now requires that all new doors are reinforced to hold up to hurricane strength winds.
“.....God bless you for fixing my
hubby's weekend warrior
project, next I call you first.”
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